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LEAF games & software is a company creating multi-platform video games, applied and serious games and gamification solutions.

We make games

We realize multi-platform video games with a strong focus on multiplayer and narrative. Our mission is to create unique products and ensure an exciting gaming experience to gamers. Exactly what we demand for ourselves.

We make business

Do you want to add gaming context to your business project or have an idea for a killer app? We offer companies outsourcing and consultancy services for the development of gamification solutions, applied games, advergames, augmented and virtual reality, business app for Android and i-Phone, serious games and more.

We are a skillfull group of people

Our team is composed by all the professionals needed to manage the entire product development cycle, from pre-production to release. We grow day by day and we are always looking for talented and independent people who are able to develop and promote our projects.

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